Map of my internet

Evan Chen
Author of Infinite Napkin.
Guillermo Angeris
Convex optimisation proofs enjoyer. Not a real doctor.
Locklin on science
Crankerous old physics guy.
Bartosz Ciechanowski
Crankerous old physics guy.
Steve Hsu
Genomics, statistics, physics.
Cosma Shalizi
Genomics, statistics, physics
Simon Dedeo
Professor at CMU, I think. Writer of helpful thigs like Information Theory for Intelligent People.
Brad Delong
Econ prof at UC Berkeley, wrote a book.
Internet Culture
Aaron Z. Lewis
Smart guy.
Kneeling Bus
Thinking about sociology amidst technology.
Cold Healing
media criticism and diary entries, sometimes both.
Default Friend
Keywords: internet history, internet culture, digital communities, millennial nostalgia, media ecology, fandom and fan studies.
Ye Olde Blogosphere
Venkatesh Rao
Lowkey a genius, if you ask me.
The Last Psychiatrist
Abrasive, personal favourite. Wrote a really long book.
Hotel Concierge
Also TLP, or so people say.
Business-of-tech theorist.
Eugene Wei
Business-of-tech theorist.
Scholar's Stage
History, politics, culture, behavioral science, and strategic thought—often with a focus on East and Southeast Asian affairs.
Still Drinking
Like the name says.
Idle Words
Guy who made Pinboard, fairly cranky specimin.
Money Stuff
The Diff
Inflections in tech and finance.
«math, education, parenting, games, business, and occasionally hair bands🎸»
Kyla Scanlon
Looking at the economy with a human-focused lens, often with video.
Matt Levine
Yeah, everyone reads him, and deservedly so.
"Do Things" people
Austin Kleon
Writer who draws.
Derek Sivers
He's been a lot of things, so he's earned the right to be a writer too.
Simon Sarris
Beautiful things appreciator/creator, neo-trad propoganda.
Karl Yang
Beautiful things appreciator/creator, neo-trad propoganda.
James Somers
Writer and programmer.
Rands in Repose
Really fun writing, about whatever he likes.
Molly Mielke
Lots of enthusiasm.
Feral Free Agents
Tom Critchlow
Indie consultant. Bricolage enthusiast.
Micheal Curzi
Storyteller, vibe reel maker, he can think.
Toby Shorin
Founder of Other Internet. Now a psychology nerd.
Visakan Veeraswamy
Twitter power user, internet switchboard operator, do100things encourager.
The Inexact Sciences
Community blog (the community is a bunch of neo-postrats).
Yearly Cider
OG Postrat.
Hazardous Times
Prototypical modern postrat writing.
Crispy Chicken
Friend, communication theorist.
Thinking about things, very carefully.
Questionable vercacity, entertaining writing. They once made many people eat potatoes.
Personal site designer, internet enjoyer, economics sometimes.
Anson Yu
Tech media, people-organiser at Socratica and elsewhere.
Riley Walz
Just a really cool dude.
Sarvasv Kulpati
Follows his curiosity.
Jacky Zhao
Agentic and communcal technology for the web, gardener (digital).
Yihui Hu
Young project-maker with excellent design sense.
Literacy Enjoyers
Justin Duke
Mailman at Buttondown, blogging enjoyer.
Nadia Eghbal
Internet thinker.
Robin Sloan
Robin Rendle
Author and designer.
Craig Mod
Very cool guy.
The Designer's Designers
kēlín carolyn zhang
making software with a soul.
Paco Coursey
Elegant details, tasteful interactions, minimalism enjoyer.
Kevin Chen
systems, tool-making, infrastructure, visibility, gathering, gardening, printed matter, websites, computer graphics, and open source.
Matthew Butterick
Lawyer and hobbyist programmer, wrote some typography and programming books.
Interfaces, cyberspace, cities, and the like.
Eric Zhang
Scarily impressive polymath, thoughtful designer.
Murat Ayfer
Designer, programmer, sysadmin, generative artist, etc, etc.
Simon Collison
Immaculate details, web veteran.
Frank Chimero
Writer, designer, essayist, warm and slow.
Rasmus Anderson
Design legend, creator of Inter, wokring on Playbit.
Cristóbal Sciutto Rodríguez.
Designer, of forms practical and convival.
Chia Amisola
One if the best.
Maggie Appleton
Digital gardening, excellent essays, interfaces and more.
Udara Jay
Interested in a little bit of everything, but mostly– technology, genetics and startups.
Alexander Wang
Web gang
Neal (fun)
Maker of excellent mini-games.
Brendan Schlagel
writer, media-maker, building
Matt Webb
Speculations about the future of technology, design, and society.
Jim Nielsen
Cares about the web, and blogging.
Manual Moreale
Writes, designs minimal websites, is a little sad.
Steve Krouse
Founder, Cares about computers and education.
Tom Macwright
Cares about the web, also works at
Rauno Freiberg
Interface prototyper, thinking about knowledge representation and creative tools.
Linus Lee
Interface prototyper, thinking about knowledge representation and creative tools.
Web crank.
Spencer Chang
Wholesome mf.
Software Enjoyers
Tyler Angert
Guy who softwares.
Sarah Lim
She is a computer scientist.
Alexander Obenauer
Working on a new OS, based on "items".
Andy Matuschak
Interfaces for thinking, tools for memory.
Katherine Yang
Guy who softwares.
Geoffrey Litt
Guy who softwares.
Bret Victor
Legendary dynamic media researcher.
Omar Rizwan
Computer appreciator and explorer.
Make slightly-surreal videos about their coding experiments.
Dorian Taylor
Eugene Kudashev
Eugene Kudashev (b. 1989, Leningrad, Russia) makes web art, writes serious essays and silly one-liners, and tries to make sense of the ever-present absurdity of today.
Pablo Meier
computer-ey things, personal things.
Max Krieger
Interaction design and implementation.
Tom Murphy VII
Programming language + font nerd with the coolest Youtube channel.
Ink & Switch
Elegant details, tasteful interactions, minimalism enjoyer.
Serial releasers of...stuff. Like the Collaboration Cookbook.
100 Rabbits
Elegant details, tasteful interactions, minimalism enjoyer.
Good Enough
Elegant details, tasteful interactions, minimalism enjoyer.
Tech Bros
Aaron Swartz
Things that shape industries, often tech.
Alexey Guzey
Terrible epistemics, lots of enthusiasm and opinions.
Nick Arner
Cool computer guy (I helped make his site). Ex-bass player, impressive angel investor.
Robert Heaton
Dad who can write, guy who can program.
Patrick McKenzie
On money and systems thereof, programmer self-harm prevention.
On the business, strategy, and impact of technology.
Dan Luu
He just writes and thinks pretty well tbh.
Internet besserwisser.
Ben Kuhn
Gordon Brander
Software philosophy-isms, working on Subconscious.
Evan Miller
Statistics, math opinions, hacker.
Substack club
Experimental History
Guy who does psychology fairly well.
Bits of Wonder
feeling things and talking about them, sometimes simultaneously.
The Honest Broker
A trustworthy guide to music, books, arts, media & culture by Ted Gioia.
Strange Loop Canon
Rohit writes well, thinks better.
The Intrinsic Perspective
Science and humanities fan. Neuroscience + novelist.
Effective Epistemics (???)
David Maciver
Careful thinking, sharp writing.
Dan Wang
Excellent, excellent writer. Semiconductors and East Asia.
Science, bio these days.
Cedric Chin
Operations, the study of expertise.
social science, the future, and why people behave in the way that they do.
Slightly Insane
Roger's Bacon
Heretic, sometimes.
Numb at the Lodge
A writer and your enemy.
sam[ ]zdat
The reader is expected to quarrel with much that is said…
Egg Report
The reader is expected to quarrel with much that is said…
Powerlifter who writes screeds.
Zero HP Lovecraft
Imperfect (racist) writer of dystopian sci-fi.
Lesswrong mafia
Scott Alexander
Writes essays, some say too many.
Don't Worry About the Vase
Written by Zvi, a game theory and incentives hobbyist.
Psychology, statistics, sex, rationality.
Melting Asphalt
Psych-something, socio-something, econ-something.
Applied Divinity Studies
Data for qualitative questions, economic lenses, opinionated claims.
Argmin Gravitas
He can think, and read.
Do drugs and/or philosophy and/or be happy
Qualia Computing
Qualia, and computers.
Sasha Chapin
Compulsive over-sharer.
By David Chapman, a living book about systems of meaning. Buddhism too?

A friend said to me, "your detailed list of favourite bloggers is very nice, but where's the list of every single website/web person you like?"

This map is an attempt at answering that question.

Map size: 121 sites, 20 sections.

Someday I will make this look prettier, for now it is merely functional.

Copyright and stuff belongs to Judah.